Welcome to Needle and Notion! This is one household’s journey towards upcycling and sustainability in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.

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Willkommen bei Nadel und Flausen! Hier dokumentiert ein Haushalt seinen Fortschritt in Sachen Upcycling und Nachhaltigkeit in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.


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🧵 Take out tissues

(zweisprachiger Artikel – für Deutsch hier klicken) 🇬🇧 Some of my waste-reducing practices have been in use for so many years that I miss seeing the genius in them until someone points it out to me. When a friend mentioned how cool my tissue system is, I figured I should blog about it. Here weContinue reading “🧵 Take out tissues”

🗳️ On voting

These weeks are leading up to federal elections in both Canada and Germany. Wherever I look, I see banners and pictures that promise to change things for the better. Changing things for the better can take on so many forms, and I would lie saying that I don’t feel a certain level of frustration andContinue reading “🗳️ On voting”

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